Miro Technology utilizes electromechanical forces to manipulate fluids across a surface of patterned electrodes, allowing a full range of processes - dispensing reagents, merging or splitting droplets, mixing gently or vigorously, isothermal and thermocycle control, and magnetic control.

Automate Genomic Protocols

Miroculus has developed a novel digital microfluidics technology to automate and miniaturize genomic protocols such as NGS library prep, synthetic biology, and combinatorial chemistry in a compact, user-friendly system.

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Broad Application

Because the system is compatible with a wide range of reagents, and also allows for an interface with conventional microfluidic channels, a wide range of applications is enabled on the system.

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How It Works

In Miro Technology, nanoliter to microliter droplets containing samples and reagents are manipulated by applying a series of electrical potentials to an array of patterned electrodes coated with a hydrophobic insulator. This electrowetting technology is distinct from microchannel-based fluidics as it enables precise control of reagents without the need for complex channels, microvalves, or pumps.

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Because Miro Technology doesn’t require immersion in oil (or another liquid medium) to mobilize droplets, and also does not require direct contact between the droplet and the electronics, there are numerous benefits when compared to other digital or conventional microfluidic approaches, including:

True Walkaway Automation

After selecting the preferred protocol, load all of the reagents in minutes, close the lid, and begin the reaction with the push of a button.

Complete Spectrum of Actions

Every common protocol process is included, from reagent dispensing to vigorous mixing to thermocycling to magnetic-bead clean-ups.

Broad repertoire of solvent compatibility

Without oil-filled channels nearly all reagents can be used directly, including ethanol.

Nothing but Air

Reactions take place in an air-filled space making it easy to translate manual protocols to automation.

Precise Temperature Control

The unique interaction between the droplet and the electrode board allows for careful ramping of temperature impacting the droplet directly without any carryover effect.

At Miroculus our mission is to advance science and improve lives faster, together.

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