Miroculus delivers assay flexibility and automation capacity in an affordable digital microfluidics platform, enabling seamless workflow integration from novel molecular protocols to data analytics.


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    Omics! Omics! Blogpost

    8th Mar 2020

    Dr. Keith Robison's post-AGBT insights about Miroculus and the promise of Miro Technology.

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    Genome Web

    26th Feb 2020

    Miroculus launches digital microfluidics sample prep system at AGBT, explores new applications.

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    AGBT Poster showing use of Miro Technology for repeated interrogation of single cell transcriptomes

    25th Feb 2020

    Conjugating DNA onto magnetic beads for iterative sample analysis.

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    AGBT Poster demonstrating enzymatic DNA synthesis for information storage and retrieval

    25th Feb 2020

    Utilizing a novel microfluidic technology to optimize enzymatic DNA synthesis for information storage application.

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    Business Wire

    25th Feb 2020

    Twist Bioscience and Miroculus agree to collaborate on next-generation sequencing target enrichment and library preparation tools for clinical research.

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    Miroculus unveils its Miro Canvas system at AGBT 2020

    24th Feb 2020

    Miroculus, Inc. today announced that it will unveil its first commercial platform, the Miro Canvas, at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference in Marco Island, FL.

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    MicroTAS Poster 2019

    29th Oct 2019

    A versatile Microfluidic platform for automating complex biological and chemical protocols.

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    ASHG 2019 Poster

    24th Oct 2019

    A versatile microfluidic platform for NGS library preparation enables multi-omics studies for a broad range of research samples and laboratory settings.

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    Miroculus to present latest developments of automated NGS library prep at ASHG 2019 demonstrating automation of the most complex protocols

    14th Oct 2019

    Miroculus, Inc. today announced it is presenting results of NGS (next-generation sequencing) library prep automation performed using its proprietary Miro Technology, at the American Society of Human Genetics meeting.

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    GRC 2019 Poster

    4th Jun 2019

    Herein we have demonstrated that digital microfluidics is a versatile alternative to current technologies that can be utilized when performing microscale high throughput experimentation. This technology holds great promise for the design of a "lab-on-a-chip" that would enable efficient synthesis of libraries of compounds in an automated fashion with a compact physical footprint.

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    Miroculus announces first results of automated NGS library prep utilizing Aeros™ Technology at AGBT 2019

    2nd Mar 2019

    Via Business Wire results show improved results for PCR-free libraries. Miroculus, Inc. today announced it is presenting, alongside researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the first results of NGS (next-generation sequencing) library prep performed.

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    AGBT 2019 Poster

    27th Feb 2019

    The Aeros Technology reproducibly generated PCR-Free libraries in less time, with less DNA input, and 1⁄3 the reagent volume. On sequencer, these libraries outperformed those made with Broad's standard automated plate-based method.

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