Our mission is to advance science and improve lives faster, together. Our vision is to make the most complex protocols easy and accessible to scientists everywhere.

How It Started

A focus on making scientific advancements available to everyone.

We began with a desire to develop tools to facilitate high quality, advanced scientific research all over the world. We started working on a prototype system for miRNA detection, and in the process of developing the technology, we realized it could have much broader application. So we decided to expand on the capabilities of the system to advance our vision of making complex protocols easy and accessible to scientists everywhere.

Where We're Going

We are building Miro Technology to meet the full challenge of biotechnology research and development - from NGS sample preparation to small molecule chemistry to synthetic biology.

Miro Canvas using Miro Technology is just the first step toward enabling scientists and researchers and clinicians everywhere to successfully perform complex protocols in an automated fashion. By scaling the technology more complex processes will be able to be done with fewer reagents, more consistent outcomes, and less hands-on time, freeing up investigators to work at the top of their scope and accelerate their research progress.

Our Different Backgrounds, But Shared Values, Drive Us

Miroculus was built on the idea of enabling great science everywhere and we use our diversity of backgrounds, expertise, and insights to deliver on that vision.

  • 21+ Countries Make Up Our Diverse Team
  • 14 Languages Spoken Across Our International Team
  • 30+ Technical Patent Applications Submitted
  • 40 Employees Working Together

Our Company Values


    We cultivate curiosity.

    We operate in pursuit of continuous learning and improvement. We are neither above nor below anyone else.


    We are a diverse, inclusive clan.

    We stand together, strengthened by our diversity of experiences, backgrounds and thought. We fail and win as one.


    We are fueled by Meraki.

    Our passion, dedication and care drives the pursuit of our mission, the quality of our products, and how we advocate for our customers.

Meet The Team

Alejandro Tocigl

Chief Executive Officer

Fay Christodoulou, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Mais Jebrail MSc, PhD

VP of Research & Development

Yong Yi

VP of Marketing

At Miroculus we are a dedicated team making complex protocols easy and accessible to scientists everywhere.

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