Because the system is compatible with a wide range of reagents, and also allows for an interface with conventional microfluidic channels, many applications are enabled on our system.


NGS Library Prep

Solving the upstream dilemma of sample preparation to deliver on the promise of modern sequencing technology

The cost of sequencing has gone down while the availability of benchtop sequencers has increased. What hasn’t changed is the challenge of library preparation for those not prepared to implement workflows on large-scale, liquid handlers. Miro Technology can perform all sample manipulation steps including enzyme additions, incubations, and magnetic bead-based clean ups, offering an automated and fully integrated “sample in, library out” solution. This cartridge-based technology also minimizes user error, cross contamination, and sample swaps. Our sequencer-agnostic approach also allows for PCR or PCR-free protocols and has been shown to improve library prep reaction efficiency to yield better coverage with less sequencing. Users can create library prep protocols from scratch or edit existing methods with a simple, protocol-based approach. Miro Technology also facilitates smaller sample inputs with less reagent use, and is a great compliment for low to medium throughput labs who wish to perform complex protocols such as exome capture in a fully automated, self-contained system.

PCR-free whole genome sequencing

Exome capture with low input


Synthetic Biology

Recording, storage, and retrieval of information on DNA molecules

There are many aspects of Miro Technology that enable synthetic biology applications. The ability to perform multiple enzymatic reactions and handle samples with gentle forces enables the construction and manipulation of long DNA molecules without the shearing forces of manual or automated pipetting. This is critically important for constructing and maintaining DNA molecules at lengths needed for many synthetic biology applications, be it for gene/chromosome construction and editing or concatenation of molecules for DNA storage. In the future, we envision the potential to not only construct long DNA molecules but to incorporate them into live cells on our system.


DNA extraction from biological samples

Achieving the promise of genomic engineering with the efficiency of automation

With ability to extract nucleic acids (cell-free DNA, nuclear DNA, RNA) from biological samples -- cells, whole blood, plasma, or saliva -- Miro Technology can automate all processes of the upstream workflow in one device, from extraction through library prep.

See example of extraction data for cell-free DNA

Combinatorial Synthesis

End-to-end solution for automated chemical synthesis using digital microfluidics

The advancement of medicinal chemistry programs is limited by the time and resources required to produce high quality drug-candidate molecules. Microscale experimentation offers an innovative solution by enabling efficient access to high quality data without the need for large amounts of often precious materials. Miro Technology can be utilized not only for microscale chemistry experimentation but also for complex catalytic reactions. This can combine all of the functions necessary for chemical synthesis (reaction setup, workup, and purification) on a cartridge-based platform without the need for liquid handling, creating efficient synthesis of libraries of compounds in an automated fashion within a compact physical footprint.

See our data presented at GRC 2019

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