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Miroculus has developed a novel digital microfluidics technology to automate and miniaturize genomic protocols such as NGS library prep, synthetic biology, cell editing, and combinatorial chemistry, in a compact, user-friendly system. Our vision is to make the most complex protocols easy and accessible to scientists everywhere.

Miro Canvas - Coming Soon

The Miro Canvas is an open platform that enables scientists to automate the most complex protocols in a compact, user-friendly system. It uses a proprietary digital microfluidics technology that moves droplets through multistep protocols without user intervention.


With a simple, electronics-free cartridge and no added oil, it is compatible with a wide variety of reagents and solvents. The Miro Canvas can perform many types of NGS library prep, as well as a host of user-defined workflows. If you are interested in joining our Miro Canvas Beta Program, or want us to reach out to you when we launch the system, please fill in your contact information below.